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Platform Technology

Trade on the industry’s most actively-used trading platform that gives you enhanced control and flexibility over all parameters and trading styles. Gain access to a wide range of risk management tools and features that allow you to execute trades quickly and intuitively from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

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Our trading platforms pride themselves on being fully cross-functional across multiple devices, with zero performance compromise. Built with Whale Inc’s ultra-fast and low-latency server speeds to ensure minimal downtimes, traders will consistently get to enjoy and experience lightning-fast, uninterrupted order execution speeds on all trade orders.

  • Superior Bandwidth Connectivity
  • High Response Rate Trading Servers
  • Enterprise-Grade Security Standards
  • Multi-Device Usability Across Web and Mobile Platforms

Stay in control of all trading activity through constant multi-screen monitoring. Drawing key information and analytics from a combination of various charting tools, system notifications and trade history to create personalized observational screens, users can now view all relevant details from a single glance.


  • Immediate User and System Notifications
  • Account Balance and Equity Monitoring
  • Multi-Window Docking/Undocking Function
  • Quick Access Charting Toolbars

View and analyse a myriad of market movements, pricing fluctuations and charting trends across several timeframes to sharpen and customize your trading strategies. Derived from highly-accurate technical indicators, tailor the presented data according to your specific trading requirements.

List of Technical Indicators

  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Moving Average
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • Money Flow Index
  • Average Directional Movement Index
  • Relative Vigor Index
  • MACD
  • Standard Deviation
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Parabolic SAR and many more!

Equip Yourself with the Industry’s Most
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