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Why Trade Crypto Derivatives?

Whale is proud to offer our esteemed clientele the invaluable opportunity to trade one of the most exciting and revolutionary financial assets to hit the markets today – Cryptocurrency Derivatives. Ride this new wave of digital assets with us and trade cryptocurrencies without the added risks of crypto exchange vulnerabilities or massive upfront capital requirements.

Leveraged Trading of
up to 1:10

Do more with your money! With leverage offerings of up to 1:10, you can now trade on major cryptocurrency pairs with minimal capital outlay.

Profit in Both Bear
and Bull Markets

Enjoy dual-directional trades on any cryptocurrency Derivatives pair and take advantage of the situation regardless of how the market swings. Both in rally and dips, there is always money to be made.

Minimised Security Risks

With Derivatives, traders are not required to hold the actual crypto asset or wallets, thus taking the complexities of private/public keys and hot/cold wallets out of the picture. Thereby mitigating many transactional risks faced by crypto traders.

CryptoColt: The Simplest Way to Trade Crypto Derivatives

Crypto Innovation with Familiarity

Trade one of the most rapidly-growing financial assets in the world, safely housed in CryptoColt within the trusted environment of the all-powerful MT4 platform.

Trading Simplicity

The CryptoColt automated calculation system takes the complexities of spot trading and streamlines them towards a core concept: How much do you want to profit?

Advanced Analytical Capabilities

Anaylze the crypto markets and sharpen your trading strategies with up to 9 timeframes and 30 built-in technical indicators.

Crypto Countdown Trader

Unparalleled Platform Swiftness and Convenience

Blaze the trading tracks at utmost speeds with Crypto Countdown Trader’s unique features that boast absolute simplicity, where traders do not have to worry about parameters such as margin and leverage. Tap upon the web-based functionality and take full advantage of uninterrupted trading anywhere to maximise your chances of profiting.

Low Starting
Web Trading

Trade the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrencies

From the genesis heavyweight assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum to up-and-coming favourites like OmiseGO, Whale has a diverse range of top global cryptocurrency products.

Ready to Harness the Power of Crypto Derivatives Trading?

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