Whales Introduces a Brand-New Method for Crypto Deposits

Experience a fresh wave of crypto trading with access to over 50+ cryptocurrencies

Whale’s Cryptocurrency Deposit Channel
Professional Crypto Trading Made Convenient

Cryptocurrency has been widely recognized and regarded globally as one of the top digital asset investments within the past few years. To facilitate its ever-growing trading traffic due to its burgeoning popularity,  Whale has introduced a new crypto deposit method that covers the top 50+ most actively-traded currencies in the market. Traders can simply scan the provided QR code or copy and paste the link to their wallet addresses for a secure and fuss-free deposit experience.


Execute direct transfers without having to link your digital wallet

Secure Settlement

All exchanges rates are in shown in real-time to ensure transparency

Diverse Portfolio

Choose from a wide array of over 50+ cryptocurrencies

Maximized Potential

Reap the dual benefits of currency growth and trading profits

How to Make A Crypto Deposit

① Log in

Log into your account and select Crypto Deposit

② Select Currency

Input deposit amount and select Payment Currency

③ Make Payment

Scan the QR code or copy and paste the link to your wallet address to make payment and select Crypto Deposit

④ Complete Payment

The deposit will be automatically credited to your account upon confirmation


With 0 Handling Fees

From now until 31st December 2020, enjoy zero handling fees for Whale’s Crypto Deposit Channel! To find out more: click here for more details.

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