Whale Money Manager

Take your earning potential to the next level and stand alongside the top money managers in the world. Build your network of global investors and boost your earnings with a fully automated profit sharing model.

With 100 of such followers, your additional trading income will be $40,000

Generate Tremendous
Streams of Passive Income

Grow your investor base by attracting traders with your impressive suite of advanced skillsets and honed trading acumen by becoming a Whale Money Manager.

Be empowered with Whale’s arsenal of proprietary platforms and asset instruments as you collect a percentage of your investors’ profits from each successful trade. Through Whale, we help to magnify your strategy monetization by showcasing your expertise to a large investor pool.

Zero Starting Fees

Start your journey of becoming a money manager with no payment prerequisites.

Trading Highlights

The Whale PAMM Portal will publicise your trading results to help you garner followers worldwide.

Multi-Account Management

Create and introduce multiple trading portfolios to cater to a wider audience pool.

Leverage upon Your Skills by Becoming a Money Manager

Register for
MT4 Account

Apply to be Money Manager
and Complete KYC Process

Deposit and Begin
Trading and have your
results 3rd Party Verified

Get Featured and Grow
Your Followers to
Maximise Your Earnings

Experience Passive Profits on the Fast Lane

All investors/money managers will require a Whale account for trading.*
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