Crypto Countdowns

The Simpler and Faster Way to Trade

Derived from its two main tenets of simplicity and speed, Crypto Countdowns offer a predetermined payout based on the pricing direction of the chosen asset within adjustable timeframes and if the predicted price direction is correct, the trade is in profit! The simplicity of Crypto Countdowns provides an environment for swift order execution, with flexible intervals that range from less than a minute up until a full 60 minutes, streamlined to make trading easier for all users by offering low initial investment sizes paired with attractive returns.

Flexible Expiry Times

Spanning over 7 adjustable timeframes, the intervals start from a mere 60 seconds to an extended period of an hour. The range flexibility enables you to countdown to your executed trades effortlessly, in accordance to your preferred expiration timing.

Extreme Simplicity

Trade assuredly without the complexities of spot trading such as margin or leverage by focusing solely on the question of whether price direction will rise or fall favourably when the countdown ends.

Low Capital Requirements

With low minimum stakes and high returns of up to 90% for successful trades, traders at all levels will be able to participate without the requirement for substantial upfront investments.

Crypto Countdown Pairs

Symbol Asset Name Bitcoin Dollar Bitcoin Yen Ethereum Dollar Ethereum Bitcoin Litecoin Dollar Ripple Dollar NEO Dollar Dash Dollar IOTA Dollar Eidoo Dollar OmiseGo Dollar Metaverse ETP Dollar EOS Dollar
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