Contracts-for-Difference (CFDs)

One of the Most Versatile Trading Options in the Market Today

Whale Inc’s crypto Derivatives are offered based on a broad range of cryptocurrencies. These contracts have the built-in options of going either long or short in accordance to pricing fluctuations under any market condition at a mere fraction of the incurring investment risk, as opposed to owning the actual product. Derivatives can be utilized in both defensive or aggressive strategies, be it for hedging purposes or to gain market share respectively.

Position Hedging

Used as an investment feature to offset potential losses, Derivatives allows for short-selling, enabling traders to make a potential profit from even falling market prices. By opening a position in the opposite market direction to hedge against the other side and balance potential accrued losses, the short position helps to limit risk and creates the opportunity for profit-making if prices continue in a downward direction.

Flexible Investment Amounts

With our vast variety of available trade lot sizes and low capital requirements, we cater to a multitude of traders with varying trading strategies and capital assets. Being especially crucial for beginner traders, the barriers to entry have been lowered to allow them to develop a well-defined trading plan before deciding to venture into more speculative territories.

Margined Product

By enabling trades which make up a small fraction of the total asset value, traders can tap upon Whale Inc’s 1:10 leverage margins to control far greater potential returns, magnifying the earning power of their initial investment, or the fraction deposit of the actual trade size in each transaction.


Symbol Asset Name
NACUSD.c US Tech 100 Index
SPCUSD.c US 500 Index
CHCUSD.c China A-Shares
GECEUR.c German 30 Index
DJCUSD.c US 30 Index
UKCGBP.c UK 100 Index
HKCHKD.c Hong Kong Index
EXCEUR.c Euro Stoxx 50 Index
FRCEUR.c France 40 Index
AXCAUD.c Australia 200 Index


Symbol Asset Name
ETHUSD.nx Ethereum Dollar
BTCUSD.nx Bitcoin Dollar
LTCUSD.nx Litecoin Dollar
NEOUSD.nx NEO Dollar
EDOUSD.nx Eidoo Dollar
ETPUSD.nx Metaverse ETP Dollar
OMGUSD.nx OmiseGO Dollar
EOSUSD.nx EOS Dollar
SANUSD.nx Santiment Network Dollar
XRPUSD.nx Ripple Dollar
ETHEUR.nx Ethereum Euro
ETHGBP.nx Ethereum Pound

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