Trade Right with Professional-Grade
Platform Technology

Trade on the industry’s most actively-used trading platform that gives you enhanced control and flexibility over all parameters and trading styles. Gain access to a wide range of risk management tools and features that allow you to execute trades quickly and intuitively from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Our trading platforms pride themselves on being fully cross-functional across multiple devices, with zero performance compromise. Built with Whale Inc’s ultra-fast and low-latency server speeds to ensure minimal downtimes, traders will consistently get to enjoy and experience lightning-fast, uninterrupted order execution speeds on all trade orders.

  • Superior Bandwidth Connectivity
  • High Response Rate Trading Servers
  • Enterprise-Grade Security Standards
  • Multi-Device Usability Across Web and Mobile Platforms

Stay in control of all trading activity through constant multi-screen monitoring. Drawing key information and analytics from a combination of various charting tools, system notifications and trade history to create personalized observational screens, users can now view all relevant details from a single glance.

  • Immediate User and System Notifications
  • Account Balance and Equity Monitoring
  • Multi-Window Docking/Undocking Function
  • Quick Access Charting Toolbars

View and analyse a myriad of market movements, pricing fluctuations and charting trends across several timeframes to sharpen and customize your trading strategies. Derived from highly-accurate technical indicators, tailor the presented data according to your specific trading requirements.

List of Technical Indicators
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • Moving Average
  • Commodity Channel Index
  • Money Flow Index
  • Average Directional Movement Index
  • Relative Vigor Index
  • MACD
  • Standard Deviation
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Parabolic SAR

And many more!

Equip Yourself with the Industry’s Most
Widely-Used Platform Today!

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